Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The Skelf gets planning permission

Permission has been granted for The Skelf Bike Skills Park between St Leonard's and Dumbiedykes beside Braidwood Gate.

I'm not sure exactly when they begin construction but it should be soon.  Meanwhile, here is some information about it from their website.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Community Council this evening

Southside Community Council meets this evening at 7pm.   The venue is the Nelson Hall and all local people will be welcome.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Odeon update

There has been some work done by the new owners of the Clerk Street Odeon, G1 a Glasgow entertainment company.

Though the frontage is currently closed up again it looks like it could open as a cinema and a restaurant  by the end of the year.

See here for a short article.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Lover's Loan to close for wall repairs

The north end of Lover's Loan is to close between 8th February and 15th May to facilitate the rebuilding of a wall at the rear of the Viewpoint housing in Chalmers Crescent.

The section closed is between Grange Road and Hatton Place.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

This local doctor is fit

Andrew Murray is a sports and exercise doctor at the University of Edinburgh.

He has just won the Genghis Khan Ice Marathon in Mongolia.  That is 26.2 miles in 3 hours and 7 minutes.

He is a remarkable person.  Fit and fast.  See details here.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

School places

I often get questions about school admissions.  Here are a few notes from a recent briefing which may help those who are new to the system.

What do you take into consideration when developing class organisations for individual schools?
Our starting point is the number of children in each year group and also the maximum statutory class sizes for different year groups:
Primary 1:-  25
P 2 and 3:- 30
P4 to P7:- 33
Composite classes:- 25 
 If catchment numbers mean the Council cannot accommodate all P1 children through class sizes of 25 and/or a P1/P2 composite, they will then look at team teaching arrangements where two teachers will teach a larger class.  For team teaching an effort is made to have class intakes based on 30 which means reorganising back to 30 at Primary 2.    
Composite classes are where children of different ages are taught in one class. 
 Find more about term dates, school places and much more at this link.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Generator gone

So as I was checking the site in Bowmont Place at lunchtime today I noted this:
Generator being moved offsite today
See earlier post.

Southside mast progress

The mobile network companies Three and EE have responded to pressure to remove a generator in the Southside.

The generator and mast were installed a few weeks ago to power a temporary mast which was placed in the grounds of the Crags, a sports and community centre in the St Leonard's area.  The mast is in Bowmont Place just off St Leonard's Street.  Alas, the continuous noise and the fumes from the diesel generator was not welcome and after representation from a few local people I have been in regular touch with the agents to find a better solution.

They have now managed to source a direct supply of mains electricity for the mast and the generator is being removed.

For information, Three and EE networks have relatively poor coverage in the area and their mast on a University building in Roxburgh Place has become unavailable due to renovation work to the building.  So the temporary mast (expected to be up to, or around, a year) is replacing that.  I have been assured that the temporary mast will not become the permanent site.

East Preston Street looks like a burst water main

This morning's update on the sub surface problems in the roadway in East Preston Street are pointing to a possible leaking or burst water main.  Scottish Water have been summoned.  

East Preston Street

The windy and wet weather continues with much disruption to commuters this morning - what with the Forth Road Bridge and Liberton Brae closed.

But this is to give some details on yesterday's closure of East Preston Street.  Local residents and users will recall the ongoing problems with poor surfaces and the damage to cars caused by loose gravel as well as the potholes.

Here is the briefing it have received from Council staff on the partial closure yesterday and today:

"You may be aware of a road closure that occurred on the east bound carriageway of East Preston Street (yesterday) due to what was called a 'pothole'.  However, when we inspected this we found that there had been some sort of slip in the road surface as the hole was around 800mm deep.
We had attempted to carry out a temporary road repair to the  surface during the course of (the day) but found that the constant flow of traffic was soon causing the surface to subside once again.
As a consequence of this, the area has now been surrounded by guardrail and the area closed to buses and HGV vehicles.  These vehicles are being diverted by Bernard Terrace where a three way temporary traffic light system is being provided to increase egress and access for those vehicles affected.  East Preston Street remains open to light vehicles and pedestrians on the east bound carriageway and to all vehicles on the west bound carriageway. 
 (Early on Friday) East Preston Street will be excavated to identify the problem and a permanent repair will be made.  At this stage it is difficult to say whether the road will require an additional closure or not.
I'll keep you informed with another post when I have more news. 

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Nicolson Street: Chimney down

Nicolson Street has been closed off this morning after a bus was struck by part of a falling chimney.  A passenger in the bus was injured.  From the BBC report here:

The number 31 bus was hit on Nicolson Street at about 09:44 as it was heading out of the city.  Police Scotland said the upper window in the kerbside was smashed and the man had cuts and bruises to his hand.  The road has been closed in both directions at the section outside the Festival Theatre and Surgeon's Hall.  Traffic has been diverted via Chambers Street and Buccleuch Street.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Police officer of the year: Sgt Neil Wilson

Regular readers of this blog will have heard of Sgt Neil Wilson before.  He was instrumental in persuading the UK Government to ban (temporarily) some of the legal highs which have been a curse on the Southside and other parts of Edinburgh.

At a ceremony at Tulliallan Police College last week he was awarded the accolade.  Whilst the issue of legal highs remains of concern, there are many local residents who have experienced some respite thanks to the success of Neil Wilson in getting some of these substances off the street.

More details:

Sgt Wilson has been based at St Leonards in recent years.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Woman threatened in N Meadow Walk

Witnesses are sought to an incident which happened at 4pm last Monday (18th January) in North Meadow Walk at its junction with Meadow Lane.  The woman refused to hand over money and the three culprits made off towards Hope Park Crescent.

Details and descriptions here in the police press release.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Conviction for Meadows rape

Steven Davidson, 24, attacked a 19-year-old as she made her way home through the Meadows in November 2014.  He pled not guilty but this afternoon a jury found him guilty of the crime.  He will be sentenced later.

More details here.  Previous post here.

Fire Scotland now offers CPR training

I received this from the local Station Manager Jonathon Miller:

The Scottish Fire and Rescue service has now instructional DVDs and mannequins which can be made available to members of the public at our fire stations with a view to teaching how to conduct CPR.  This is in partnership with the British Heart Foundaton, and in line with the Scottish Government's pledge to save an extra 1000 lives from out of hospital cardiac arrest by 2020.
I aim to run two sessions a month (one at Tollcross and one at Liberton, dates to be confirmed).  Also, in addition to this my crews could attend any groups interested in this input. The group would simply need a venue with DVD player and screen.  Let me know if you have any questions.
Contact jonathon.miller [at] firescotland.gov.uk