Thursday, 21 June 2018

Holyrood Distillery - update

The project at the Engine Shed is still on target - if not quite up to schedule.  I reported in April that construction and renovation work was imminent. 

There has been a slight delay - partly attributable to a change of construction partner.  Whilst some work on the building may take place from July onwards, it will now be much later in the year before the renovation and fitting out work gets under way.

Whilst the single malt production will take several years to get to a position when it can be sold, the Whisky Experience Centre is still expected to open in mid 2019.

In the meantime the project are taking a lease on the shop at the corner of St Leonard's Hill and St Leonard's Lane.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

New South Edinburgh primary school, Canaan Lane

A new primary school is planned for South Edinburgh.  It is at the planning stage and here is a link to the proposals.

The current plan is to open the doors in August 2020.

Nicolson St resurfacing update

Progress seems to be going will with the work in the Nicolson Street corridor resurfacing the roadway and renewing some traffic lights and street furniture.  Here is the latest update issued earlier this week:
Type of works: Carriageway resurfacing and traffic signal upgrades
Location: W Nicolson Street/W Richmond Street
Start date: 18th June 2018
Work Area:  Nicolson Street (from West Richmond Street to Infirmary Street)
Duration:  4 weeks: 18th June – 18th July 2018
Working Hours:  Upgrade Traffic Signals at West Richmond Street: 18th June – 6th July (07:30 -16:00) Resurfacing from West Richmond Street to Infirmary Street 9th July –18th July (19:00 - 03:00)
Traffic Management: West Richmond Street and West Nicolson Street will both be closed at Nicolson Street for the full 4 weeks with traffic diverted via nearest suitable alternative route. Diversion signs will be in place to advise all road users. Local access to both streets will still be available from Pleasance and Chapel Street respectively. It should be noted that on 24th June 2018 the HSBC Lets Ride Edinburgh Cycle Event will close West Nicolson Street at Chapel Street and as such there will be no vehicular access in or out of West Nicolson Street. As such if you know you will need access to your vehicle that day, I would recommend parking it in an alternative location nearby.
For the full 4 weeks the traffic signals at West Richmond Street will be switched off with temporary pedestrian crossings in place. Some road narrowing / lane closures will be in place on Nicolson Street within the work area during the day and so delays should be expected.
Finally, during the resurfacing works, northbound traffic on the A7 will be diverted around the works via Bernard Terrace and back onto the A7 at Chambers Street (southbound traffic will remain on the A7). This only applies during the working hours; the road will be open again for north and southbound traffic during the day.
Throughout the programme, emergency vehicle and pedestrian access will be maintained.
Bus Services:  Local bus services should remain largely unaffected with the exception of the Lothian 14 service which will be diverted. The southernmost bus stop on Nicolson Street (outside Superdrug) will also have to be closed.
Minimising Disruption: Unfortunately, disruption and noise is unavoidable during major road works however we will make every effort to minimise this and during the resurfacing works the noisiest work will cease by 23:00 each night (although the contractor will be working beyond that). We very much appreciate your patience regarding noise and any delays that occur.
An officer from the City of Edinburgh Council will be on site at various times throughout the day and from 19:00 – 23:00 during evening resurfacing works to address any questions/comments you may have. 

Garden waste collections begin 8th October

Householders can now register to have their garden waste collections made by the Council from 8th October when the new paid for service begins.

There is more information on the Council website at this link.

Here is some of the behind the scenes work which has been done and is still to happen.

Waste services have been working closely to ensure a joined-up approach to the development of the registration and payment process is put in place. To date, the following key actions have been completed: ·        Garden waste policy written and approved
·        On-line registration form created and tested
·        Terms and Conditions agreed
·        Communications plan developed which includes awareness campaign and direct contact via mailing to 245k households
·        Liaison with other services to agree entitlement for customers receiving Council Tax Reduction Scheme or Garden Aid
·        Integration Impact Assessment drafted
Registration process
Residents will be able to sign up for the new service from 18 June – 22 July on our website. Residents without access to the internet at home can use the self-serve kiosks at our locality offices, internet at libraries or register by phone. For online registration, residents will need to register for a MyGov account first if they do not already have one.
The service expecting a high demand for registration and additional web server capacity and extra staff in the contact centre are being put in place for six weeks.
 The registration period will be supported by a five-week awareness campaign and the Council will also write to residents during this time to inform them of the changes and what they need to do. Registration uptake will be tracked and monitored daily. Frequently asked questions will be reviewed and updated on our website daily as required. 
 Residents who choose not to sign up for the new service are being encouraged to continue recycling their garden waste by taking it to one of our recycling centres for free or by composting at home. If they no longer want their brown bin they will be able fill out an online form in October and we will arrange to collect their bins. The bins will either be re-used or recycled.
 Bin permits and calendarsOnce registration closes on 22 July the waste and cleansing team will create the new garden waste collection routes. Once completed new calendars will be created and sent to customers along with their permit sticker two weeks prior to the service to put on their bin. We will only empty bins with a valid permit sticker. There will be another opportunity to sign up later in the year, but payments will not be prorated.  

Thursday, 14 June 2018

Roads in the Meadows and Central Edinburgh closed Sunday 24th

I note there are road closures in Melville Drive and other areas for the Let's Ride Cycling event on Sunday 24th.  The closures are between 9:30 and 4pm.

You can get more details, along with the routes, here.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Gas mains renewal in the Grange

There is an extensive programme for the renewal of gas mains in the Grange area over a period from Monday 25th June through to Friday 1st February 2019.  Below is a list of the streets to be affected. Schedule 1 relates to road closures and Schedule 2 relates to (mainly parking) restrictions.

Schedule 1:
Grange Loan from Whitehouse Loan to Kilgraston Road;
Kilgraston Road from Oswald Road to Whitehouse Terrace;
Oswald Road from Blackford Avenue to Kilgraston Road;
Grange Terrace from Blackford Avenue to St Thomas Road;
St Alban's Road at Blackford Avenue;
West Relugas Road at Blackford Avenue;
South Oswald Road at Blackford Avenue; Fountainhall Road from St Thomas Road to Findhorn Place;
Lauder Road at Dick Place;
Dalrymple Crescent at Lauder Road.

Schedule 2:
Lauder Road from Dick Place to Grange Loan;
Fountainhall Road from Findhorn Place to St Thomas Road;
Grange Terrace from Blackford Avenue to St Thomas Road;
Blackford Avenue from Blackford Bank to Grange Loan;
Oswald Road from Kilgraston Road to Blackford Avenue;
Kilgraston Road from Grange Loan to Oswald Road;
Grange Loan from Whitehouse Loan to Kilgraston Road.

Closures will be for limited periods during the overall programme.

The Temporary Traffic Regulation Order is TEMP/1870 and details will be available soon on the Council website.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Plans for the Royal Blind site in Craigmillar Park

Cala Homes have shared their current plans for the Royal Blind site in Craigmillar Park.  You can find them here.  Comments can be submitted via their online enquiry site. (Note, though, that the planning application has not yet been submitted and this is part of their pre-application consultation).

Last evening there was a public meeting (about 60 attended) where the current version of the plans for 52 houses and flats were on view.

The background:  Although the main Craigmillar Park campus closed in June 2014, the Braille Press has remained on the site in their building at the rear (railway line) side of the site.  The work of the Braille Press has been expanding and they have now moved to a new, larger premises in Gorgie.  This leaves Cala with the whole site.

A further delay has been in relation to land registry issues relating to the site and owners of neighbouring premises.  My understanding is that these have now been resolved.  It is anticipated that a planning application will be submitted later in the summer.

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