Monday, 24 April 2017

Update on the replacement of the Jawbone Arch in Meadows

Here is the latest update on the Jawbone from Edinburgh World Heritage and Edinburgh Council

The pathway at the site of the Jawbone Arch in the Meadows has now been re-surfaced. The jawbones themselves are still undergoing conservation work, which is taking longer than previous estimates anticipated: this delay had led to a long closure of the pathway and we are aware of the inconvenience this was causing to Meadows users. As the conservation processes is still underway, the pathway has now been resurfaced and reopened for normal use. Once the conservation works are completed, the pathway will be closed for a short period while the re-installation takes place.

The conservation of whale jawbones is a complex and unusual task, which requires specialist conservation experts to develop and implement the best approach. The project has taken longer than initial studies anticipated, due to a number of factors including the complexity of conserving ‘organic’ whalebone, and the going into liquidation of a specialist conservation company which was working on the project. Once restored, the Jawbone Arch will return to the Meadows, and this important Edinburgh landmark will be in place for people to enjoy for another hundred years.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Update on the Clerk Street Odeon

It is 14 years since the Odeon closed.  Apart from very short special events the building has remained closed and has had an air of gloom.

In October 2015 Glasgow based G1 bought the building with a view to refitting and operating it in equal measure as a restaurant venue and as a cinema.  Since then from time to time they have had specialist workers restoring the premises.  However, G1 has recently bought the Scotsman Hotel at least some of the restoration team have been diverted to the new acquisition.  So we don't have any idea of an opening date.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Bernard Terrace to close next week-end

The Lutton Court student development is on course for completion by the new term in August.

The next stage of the building work is to remove the crane which has done much of the work.  So for parts of Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd April, Bernard Terrace will be closed.  I note that if it turns out to be a windy week-end the operation will be delayed until 6/7th May

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Top Ten manifesto priorities: 20mph zones

Suspend the implementation of the remaining phases of the 20mph zones and undertake a review of the blanket policy.

The full manifesto from Edinburgh Conservatives is here.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Top Ten manifesto priorities: No 4 - Housing

Speed up the provision of all types of housing, especially on brownfield sites.  This will be achieved by measures which include a reduction in planning delays and a removal or reduction of the 25% affordable housing requirement for targeted brownfield sites taking pressure from green space developments.

The full manifesto from Edinburgh Conservatives is here.

Top Ten manifesto priorities: No 3 Create an Edinburgh Index

Create an Edinburgh Index, published annually or more frequently, showing an assessment of road, path and pavement conditions, recycling rates, cost of council tax collection, cost of household refuse collection along with other key measures of council performance.

The full manifesto from Edinburgh Conservatives is here.

Top Ten manifesto priorities: No 2 - Waste collection and street cleaning

Improve waste collection and street cleaning - making them more reliable and more cost effective whilst reducing landfill taxes paid and increasing recycling rates.  We will tender parts or all of the service, always prioritising higher standards and lower costs.

The full manifesto from Edinburgh Conservatives is here.

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