Thursday, 4 September 2008

Craigmillar Park: planning 2

Next Wednesday (10th September) the Plannning Committee will consider another Craigmillar Park application, this time numbers 41-43, the old St Margaret's School and Oratava Hotel site at the corner of Craigmillar Park and Lady Road. This site has been before us in recent times and on the previous occasion the proposal then was refused in accordance with the planning officials recommendations. This time the recommendation is to grant the application. I will be looking carefully at the proposal and listening to the representations which will, as before, be extensive.


Anonymous said...

You advise in the "Craigmillar Park:planning 1" below that Bed & Breakfasts and small hotels in the Criagmillar Park area are being squeezed by the increase in beds available in the City of Edinburgh. This is 100% true. The "credit crunch" is also contributing to fewer people travelling to Edinburgh so we have too many beds and not enough guests. Common sense dictates that planning consent should not be given for another 100 beds especially in an area which is already suffering with a surplus of bed spaces - doesn't it?

CR said...

Thanks for commenting. I haven't seen the figures for August and the summer so far. Fringe tickets were down but Festival takings were up. Despite the weather, the city seemed as busy as ever. Though the balance of who came from where will inevitably have changed.
As to your gently barbed last two words, I will keep my counsel (as I must) till I see all the arguments.

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