Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Evening News is short of news

I know the Evening News is short of news because today they have picked up some comments I made a week ago when I commenting on the revamp of the gardens in Nicolson Square. They have lifted the quote out of my blog entry about dealing with drunks and beggars and added the customary preface, "A Tory Councillor has hit out. . " Ah well, at least the journalists read my newsblog. Maybe it is time to include more juicy comments for them.

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dcwarden said...

I don't necessarily think 'juicy comments' are what journos are looking for, Cameron. Many of your fellow councillors also have blogs, and seem to spend most of their time liberally divulging the 'juicy' titbits their 'insider' friends (invariably from other parties) have told them; 'I hear from someone inside the SNP camp that they are in disarray over...' and that sort of nonsense. The EEN never touch any of it. You should consider today's story a compliment of sorts.

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