Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Nicolson Square and the drunks

Nicolson Square is looking great after its revamp but there are still drunks congregating. We don't mind the drunks but we do object to offensive behaviour and language. Here the Evening News considers the problem and also in today's edition there is an editorial which analyses the issues - but is short on solutions. We are too tolerant of antisocial behaviour. There needs to be robust enforcement. The time will come where it will be acceptable again to ban street begging - a ban which was swept away along with many other useful local laws in the early 1980s. Begging is often the means of buying alcohol.
The Evening News suggest 'drunk tanks' and taking people off the streets, providing expert help and accommodation. I am afraid the state (or the Council for that matter) is probably not best equipped to turn people's lives round in the way required. So in the meantime, robust enforcement of the public order laws is appropriate. And the vapid justice system doesn't help here.

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