Wednesday, 22 October 2008

130 attend parking meeting

Last night I arrived near the end of the meeting in Reid Memorial Church (I am trustee of a charity which had scheduled a meeting which clashed). I counted 100 people in the hall plus the top table of 8 - and I estimate about 30 left around (not because of, I hope) my arrival. That was an impressive turnout.
I gather it had been heated before I arrived, and certainly the questions I heard and the discussions with residents and shopkeepers after the meeting, indicate there are a lot of anomalies and detail to be sorted out before this proposal sees the light of day. Views will be welcomed. Click the comment link below or email me at cameron.rose(at) . the meeting was organised by the Grange & Prestonfield Community Council.
There will be another one next week at 7:00pm Thurs 30th Oct at Mayfield Salisbury Church Hall, West Mayfield (doors open 6:30pm).

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