Saturday, 25 October 2008

'Clean' graffiti in Southside

This article from the Napier News will raise a few eyebrows about 'clean' graffiti.  Views please!


Colin Christison said...

This is a waste of money particularly when the streets are filthy; it gives carte blanche to other graffiti vandals, and if condoned by the authorities could lead to even more expensive, sanctimonous, nannying, and threatening so-called clean graffiti messages from our officials.

Anonymous said...

I have seen increasing levels of "clean graffiti" on streets around the country. These particular instances may be setting an example and providing an excuse for other graffiti artists to follow. I am personally in favour of graffiti art and gut instinct suggests that the type of person who might scrawl profanity accross a bus shelter wouldn't go through the trouble of producing this kind of marking.

I do however find the concept of government applied messages on our pavements intrusive and somehow offensive although; the footway belongs to the Council, so if they choose to authorise this then they are entitled to do so.

I agree however, that is there is widespread public opposition to these, this decision should be reconsidered.

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