Thursday, 30 October 2008

Parking again

I estimate there were about 170 people turned up to the consultation meeting on the proposals for the extension of the controlled parking zone south of S1. This is the south Grange area up to the railway line between the Astley Ainsley and Dalkeith Road. The hall was too small and a hastily arranged overflow meeting took place in a smaller hall - thanks to the co-operation and flexibility of the church manager at Mayfield Salisbury.
Many views were expressed and I hope to include a digest in a post in a few days.
For those who wish to know, I am increasingly of the view that we need to:
  • take measures to revise the S1 (north Grange) implementation 2 years ago. It just does not make good use of the road space and leaves too many people with too few options for parking.
  • address the knock on effect of the proposals to the south of the proposed boundary. unless the consultation leads to significant changes addressing these and a large number of other difficulties it might well be better to delay the introduction of the new zone.
The plans can be seen at the Newington Library in Fountainhall Road. The opening hours are here. Comments should be sent to:
City Development (Transport)
4 East Market Street
Edinburgh EH8 8BG
Comments should be sent by 14th November and it will be helpful if the reference TRO/08/38 can be quoted. Telephone and email addresses can be found here.

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