Thursday, 2 October 2008

W Savile road casualty statistics

Following a serious crash involving a van and a cyclist on 29th August at the junction of West Savile Terrace and Mayfield Road, casualty statistics are now available for this junction. There is an ongoing police investigation - as well as an investigation by Council officials to assess if measures are required at the junction. Local residents and road users (including the many who have contacted the local councillors) should note that the junction investigation is likely to be complete by the end of November. The figures tell an interesting story. They are for the junction for 10 years up to the end of May this year and to them should be added the incident in August where a cyclist was seriously injured.
Table 1: Casualtes by Type
Bus passenger 1
Car driver 3
Cyclist 13
Pedestrian 1
Table 2: Casualties by Severity
Fatal 0
Serious 1
Slight 17
Table 3: Collisions by Type
Bus 1
Cyclist 13
Vehicles 3 (No pedestrian involved)
Pedestrian 1
In other words, the vast majority of casualties have been cyclists. Indeed over the past ten and a half years the two serious casualties have been cyclists and the vast majority of incidents have involved cyclists. I note that this is a main cycling route to and from the Kings Buildings as well as a route to Sciennes Primary School. We will wait for the report on options.


Andy said...

Just a short note to say, great blog. These are the kind of local details I've been wanting to find. It's nice to know someone is thinking about the cyclists.

Anonymous said...

An interesting and suprising distribution of accidents. I'm surprised there are not more pedestrian accidents. When the pavement buildouts were proposed, I advocated double yellow lines projecting about a car length into West Savile Terrace beyond the buildouts. It is important pedestrians can clearly see up West Savile Terrace to ensure a gap in the traffic, since it is more important they then concentrate on the traffic swinging round the corner from Mayfield Road. Instead we got large communal wheelie bins which sometimes (less frequently recently) have been left piled up against the side of the buildouts. This makes it difficult for pedestrians, particularly children, to see up West Savile Terrace, but, even if the bins are in their correct position, drivers cannot clearly see children approaching the crossing point.
With regard to cyclists, the date and time of the accidents would be of interest. With the dark nights approaching, we'll once again see (or not see) the legions of perfectly camouflaged cyclists hurtling down Mayfield Road on dark evenings with no bike lights.

CR said...

Thanks, Andy for your appreciation.

Anon, thanks for your contribution to the debate.


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