Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Steamroller ticketed in Sciennes!

Warning!  We are now going to the Daily Record for this story of a roadroller and a JCB digger getting ticketed. 
Although there is much amusement at the zealous warden, the paragraph below suggests he has a point.    Perhaps we should be charging people who wish to dig up the road or leaving building materials or scaffolding parked for days, weeks and even months. 

Spokesman Tim Cowen said: "Two road-working vehicles received penalty charge notices on Wednesday, October 22, because they were illegally parked and had not moved for several days."


bondbloke said...

Thanks for directing me here Cameron. This tale is just so bizzare, you couldn't write it; it just confirms what I already knew, these people are mad!

CR said...


Thanks for reading my newsblog. Glad you found it funny - but there is a serious point somewhere in this story. Building and repair work equipment and materials often litter our streets for much longer than they need to - causing congestion - and often taking over much coveted parking spaces.

Best wishes and keep reading. Cameron

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