Monday, 8 December 2008

Marchhall homeless hostel?

An application to obtain a 'house in multiple occupation' (HMO) licence for the Hotel Ceilidh-Donia in Marchhall Crescent has been submitted. The premises, just off Dalkeith Road is currently a B & B and the application is to enable use of the premises for up to 30 short term homeless people.
The application has been advertised locally and comments can be submitted to the Licensing Section, 249 High Street,Edinburgh EH1 1YJ. The application reference is 08/05331/LHMO. Local residents will have seen two separate closing dates for the submission of comments. It can now be confirmed that comments will accepted up to the second of these dates, 18th December.
The application is likely to be heard at either the meeting of the Regulatory Committee on Friday, January 30th or Friday, 6th March. Here is more information from the local paper.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Cameron for drawing this to the local residents' attention. We would urge any local residents to voice their views to the licensing department before 18th December. We believe that a similar hostel in Minto St has caused countless problems for neighbours and wish to ensure that this catastrophe is not repeated. This may be our only chance to influence the outcome of the licensing process. We would urge concerned neighbours to act quickly to make their views heard.

Anonymous said...

Seems a shame to bar them from the area. I live near 2 B&Bs that are used to house the homeless and there's been no noticable change in the area. Few more people around but no problems. Hope you're keeping an open mind Cameron!

Cobble said...

We're near a block run by Hillcrest Housing on Mayfield Road that provides 12 places for homeless men who have substance addiction issues so you may expect them to be "chaotic" It's been run for 3 years I think, and the only anti-social behvaiour problem that has happened was one guy last year deciding to busk at 6am (good voice but not the time to hear Led Zep). It was quickly dealt with and there have been no more problems.

The current tenants of the hotel wont be around during the day whereas the new ones will and having more people around during the day makes a street safer.

CR said...

Thanks Cobble, It is very helpful to have your comments.

Thanks anonymous. It is a very difficult situation. In the current circumstances, we need to have such accommodation - but if we don't get it right, the consequences could be far reaching for local residents. Experience suggests it is difficult to rectify an HMO which goes wrong. Management needs to be good and the number of residents quoted is 30. That seems a lot. I know of one other location where such a home has been a considerable disruption problem. I'm not personally on the committee responsible for the decision - but am likely to make comments to them (nearer the closing date)

Other anonymous. Thanks for being in touch. I'm happy to provide and dig out such info as is necessary to enable people to have their say and to help with an informed decision.


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