Saturday, 20 December 2008


No, not another full blown discussion of the merits or otherwise of trams in Edinburgh.  
Last Thursday was the December full meeting of the council.  I note that yesterday the local paper were kind enough to quote part of my contribution to the debate on the subject of setting up a new communication group to handle trams publicity.  The group is to include  Jenny Dawe (leader of the council), Tom Aitchison (chief executive of the council) and none other than Steve Cardownie, former Labour councillor and currently leader of the SNP group.  Attacked by the Labour group as being wholly unsuitable for such a role Cllr Cardownie defended himself assuring us he will not do or say anything to prevent a successful implementation of the project which is now well through the construction phase.    Major traffic problems one Monday morning a couple of months ago caused the good councillor to call for the resignation of Willie Gallagher, the Chief Exec of tie, the tram company.   Perhaps a legitimate political view, given the anti tram stance he has taken.  The extraordinary part is that a few weeks later when asked to justify his resignation call at a full council,  his speech seemed to many of us present simply to say that although he had called for Gallagher's resignation he hadn't really meant it!   I'm afraid this is not the man kind of man we should have on the tram communications group.  Of course, the resignation of Willie Gallagher 'for personal reasons' followed Cllr Cardownie's call a few weeks later!  

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