Tuesday, 27 January 2009

More sites for legal flyposters

This article in the local paper rightly highlights the success of the scheme to penalise fly posters by withdrawing from the gigs and organisations they represent the use of nightclub premises. There is already and official site in Potterrow and a number of others are to be created - mainly in the centre of the city.

There remains a considerable problem with campaign groups - usually with a particular extreme left of centre political agenda - who have not been curbed. In addition to the unsightliness there is considerable expense in cleaning street furniture. There are two further things which can be down in relation to this group. First, should now be approaching the premises they use and asking them to join a scheme similar to the one which has been created in relation to nightclubs. The second is to join the small band of those who rip down illegal posters on street furniture and public buildings. For my part, I will continue to make representation, where possible, direct to the organisations sponsoring the posters and to the proprietors of the premises giving lets to the fly posting organisation.

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