Friday, 13 February 2009

Budget 4: Buildings

Edinburgh Council has a problem with its estate. By that we mean the buildings. We have some new schools and new council buildings. Let us take schools. Five Wave 3 schools have been identified in need of immediate replacement. Funds have been found to get the replacement of one (Portobello High) under way. But Edinburgh Council has just no cash to do anything other than basic maintenance of the other four in the foreseeable future. These include James Gillespies High School, Boroughmuir and St Crispins School (in Watertoun Road).

Budget post 4 gave some ways of getting new money into schools. These need to be explored - and there is a need to look at models other than the traditional 7 years groupings in primary and 6 years in secondary. There is an opportunity to provide more flexible education with a greater degree of choice which leads to a flexible use of buildings to help the accommodation crisis.

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