Thursday, 26 February 2009

Genocide Survivor returns

On Monday 2nd March, genocide survivor Nicholas Hitimana will be present at a private showing of the new film Rwanda: Hope Rises, in the City Chambers in the Royal Mile.

Nicholas and his wife Elsie escaped dramatically from Rwanda during the 1994 genocide and made their way to Edinburgh. From 1995 to 2001 the family lived in Rankin Drive whilst Nicholas obtained a Masters and then a PhD in agriculture at Edinburgh University. Then they returned to Rwanda where they run a number of remarkable projects including Ikirezi which now employs around 800 widows, orphans and small farmers. Nicholas is currently in Edinburgh in conjunction with the Together Partnership, an Edinburgh based charity which partners Scottish businesses and individuals with Rwandan businesses and enterprises in the ongoing challenge of rebuilding Rwanda. The Charles Bilinda Memorial Trust is another local charity which has over the years since the genocide supported the Hitimanas and training and education in Rwanda. You can find here and here the books of Lesley Bilinda, who stayed in Edinburgh after the genocide and who was instrumental in bringing the Hitimanas to Edinburgh

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