Monday, 23 February 2009

Prestonfield Community Centre opened

This morning was the formal opening of the Cameron House Community Centre in Prestonfield Avenue.    Costing £2.5m, the building has a large games hall with space for three basketball courts and a suite of IT and general purpose rooms.    Above are a few photos.


ajvphilp said...

Congratulations on having a local community centre named after you. Quite the lasting memorial!

CR said...

Generally speaking I don't approve of naming things after people still alive. An exception has been made in this case.

Audrey W said...

Who is it named After.?

Cameron house is a place not a person.

Cameron Rose said...

Kelso Abbey charters show the area around current Cameron Toll as Camerun or Cambrun or Cambrun. That was around the early 1200s. In Brittonic, 'cam' is a crook or bend. Rynn is a point of land. This may or may not be the derivation but the area (Cameron Toll) has had similar forms of name ever since.

CP the name 'Cameron' which is a Gaelic form for 'broken nose' or 'crooked nose'

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