Monday, 16 March 2009


Today sees the beginning of a week bringing together community groups and public services to smarten up the streets in the corridor from Nicolson Square to Salisbury. Environmental and community groups, supported by Council staff, Police, Fire Service, Crime Prevention and other public officers will engage in a concerted effort to
  • clean gullies
  • repair street lighting
  • remove fly posting and graffiti
  • tackle anti social behaviour
  • clean street
  • road and pavement inspection and repairs
  • road checks
  • fire safety checks
  • business crime surveys
  • address dog fouling
  • and much more

The teams will be anchored from their hub at the King's Hall church in South Clerk Street. You are welcome to call in during the day and ask questions or add suggestions to what needs to be done.

More details can be found here on the Southside Community Council website.

Apologies for the 3 day gap in posts. I ate something which disagreed with me and have been recovering.

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