Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Focus Edinburgh: Unemployment

In February 2009, Jobseekers Allowance claims reached their highest rate since 2000, with 8,850 claimants, an increase of 59% on February 2008. This pushes Edinburgh's unemployment rate up to 2.8%.

This is the first of an irregular focus series giving information about Edinburgh.

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Political Dissuasion said...


I recently posted a proposal to how we can tackle a large chunk of unemployment nationwide.

The worrying thing about the statistics you've raised, are that it's probably even higher as people like me who are unemployed, and doing very sporadic temp work, haven't 'signed on', yet. Having spoken to people, it seems I am not a rare case in this and if these people, who would get more money claiming than through the bits and bobs they're doing now, werre added to the pile, it may make even more depressing a figure.


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