Friday, 3 April 2009

Recycling calendars

Calendars giving the dates for recycling have been delivered to homes in Southside and Newington. Alas, some households which recieve Wednesday recycling collections, received a calendar which reverses the red and blue collection dates. These will be replaced shortly. Now some background on where the Council is with recycling. Legislation means that if the Council does not reach targets on percentages of waste recycled, it will be hit with penalties and very substantial land fill taxes. Edinburgh is currently just ahead of schedule. The following paragraphs are taken from a Council briefing

"Recycling has increased to around 30% this year and the efforts of residents to rinse glass and cartons and squash or fold clean cardboard before presenting mean we have higher quality materials than many local authority areas. This means the material is much easier to make into other products and therefore a more desirable raw material.

Recycling performance has grown steadily since 2001/02 (4.51%) up to 27.16% for the 2007/08 period (target of 27%). In 2007/08 the amount recycled was 68,539 tonnes. 183,837 tonnes was sent to landfill. Total waste was 252,376 tonnes.

Up to the end of December, the financial year to date figure was 30.98%. For the 2008/09 period we expect to achieve the 30% target. Tonnage = 58,554.63 tonnes (of which 23,454.01 tonnes were composted and 35,100.62 tonnes were recycled.)

We are keen to increase public participation in recycling even further and are planning
both neighbourhood based and city wide campaigns throughout the year to encourage more recycling activity."

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