Monday, 25 May 2009

Another cycle crash in Mayfied Road

The junction of West Savile Terrace at Mayfield Road has witnessed 14 crashes involving cycle casualties in the last 10 years.   The last of these was this afternoon around 5pm when a cyclist was taken to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary after a collision involving at least two cars.

This junction is currently under scrutiny from Transport experts who recently informally proposed to local councillors two suggested traffic management options.   The first is to create a well marked cycle lane on the west side with suitable markings and moving the central island in Mayfield Road. It is not certain how effective that would be and this option would need to be accompanied by measures to provide more security for pedestrians crossing the road in W Savile Terrace.  The second is to put automatic traffic signals on the junction.   That has more chance of reducing the collision rate and preventing crash injuries.  However it would make this cycle route less attractive, reduce air quality from vehicle pollution and generally reduce traffic flows in the area.

A further report is expected very soon from traffic engineers.  

This road is a key cycle route whose users include students cycling between George Square and Kings Buildings.   Pedestrians have reported particular difficulty in crossing the the West Savile Terrace arm of the junction though, until recently, there was no similar history of pedestrian casualties at the junction.

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