Monday, 18 May 2009

Nicolson Square to be exclusion zone

Following complaints of antisocial behaviour in the newly refurbished Nicolson Square, it can be confirmed that the police and council are close to setting up an exclusion zone which give greater powers to move on the congregating drunks. This will be similar to that which was implemented several years ago in Hunter Square and was broadly successful in improving the atmosphere in the public square. Many local people have reported that with gatherings of 3 to 15 drunks loitering in the gardens at Nicolson Square the benches and grass become unsuitable for local people and children as a place of public resort.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cameron,

Sounds like a good idea - however as a resident of St Patrick Square, I would be concerned that they will simply move down to my square. Is there any contingency for such an event?

CR said...

It is intended the exclusion zone cover St Patrick Square as well. However, I understand from discussions with the police that this is less certain (or perhaps easy to achieve) as Nicolson Square. I didn't want to raise hopes in St Pat Sq unless there was more certainty. Best wishes. CR

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