Saturday, 2 May 2009

Prestonfield CPZ proposal - summary

  • The report with the results of the public consultation and survey goes to the Transport Committee on Tuesday 5th May.
  • The report recommends not proceeding with formal proposals to introduce controlled parking in the Prestonfield area (bounded by the railway line to the South, Dalkeith Road to the West, Romero Place, Abden House and the Park to the North and the golf course and Morgan playing fields to the East).
  • 214 individual responses from 1681 households were received.
  • 53 indicated broad support for a CPZ and 161 were opposed to the introduction of such controls. 47 of those against were from the Priestfield/Kirkhill/Kilmaurs area. (The report analyses responses from this area separately but concludes that if controls were only applied here there would be a knock on effect which would require a future CPZ in the southern part.)
  • Roughly two thirds of the responses were against a CPZ extension.
  • The parking survey in December concluded (tentatively) that of 1427 vehicles parked, 55% belonged to residents, 25% were visitors and 17% were commuters.

The Committee will decide how to proceed on Tuesday but it is clear from this report that there will not be a CPZ in the Prestonfield area in the near future. There is now a need to look at the pinch points in Kilmaurs/Priestfield/Kirkhill areas to see if there are viable alternatives to reduce the pressure currently being experienced.

The full report and map of the area affected can be found at Appendix 5 of this report.

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