Friday, 19 June 2009

Apprentice and the New Pyjamas appeal

Ben Clarke who was fired from the Apprentice look like heading for a job helping the Edinburgh Sick Kids New Pyjamas campaign. Find more details here.


Anonymous said...

Ben Clarke is not joining the new pyjamas campaign to raise £15million for the new Sick Kids hospital to be built in Edinburgh by the end of 2012.

Please note also that the new pyjamas campaign does not 'hire' supporters, volunteers or celebrities.

The new pyjamas campaign is raising £15million to provide patients of Sick Kids, and their families, with services and support which will enable the hospital to create as close to a home from home as is possible.

These services will make the experience of coming to Sick Kids a less stressful experience for the 100,000 children from all over Scotland who use the hospital every year

The new pyjamas campaign will also fund state of the art capital equipment which is not yet part of standard NHS budget and which will attract the very best practitioners of paediatric healthcare to the Sick Kids.

CR said...

Update to be found in this subsequent post:

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