Friday, 12 June 2009

Craigmillar Park hotel work under way

Work began this week on the refurbishment of the villas at 41-43 Craigmillar Park (the old Oratava and St Margaret's School premises at the junction with Lady Road. The contractors expect to be on site until around April 2010.


Anonymous said...

Nearly every resident is against this development which has been refused 7 times only Rose and Mackenzie support this application.

Builders have threatened to beat up residents 22.06.09 the whole place is up in arms at this and Rose sits by just like Carlton gate another abortion. Down with the tories.

CR said...

Thanks for reading my newsblog anyway.

I have spoken to neighbours in the last 10 days several times actually.

Your allegation about threats is something which I trust you have reported to the police!

And if you feel as strongly as your words suggest, best not hide your ire behind anonymity.


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