Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Odeon decision on hold - again

Today Historic Scotland have published at statement from Mike Russell the Culture Minister on the Odeon. The decision taken by the Planning Committee last October to approve the Duddingston House proposal has been called in for further consideration. For the recent background see here. I have issued a brief statement below. There is much more to be said but I will return to this with a future post.

"Delays in deciding on the Odeon reveal a planning system which is not fit for purpose. For Historic Scotland to take 7 months to conclude that another look at this controversial issue is necessary, is inefficiency which cannot ever be justified - never mind in the current economic climate.

For six years this building has been unoccupied - effectively planning blight on the Southside community.

The proposal is certainly controversial and needs fair scrutiny. My view is that a viable project retaining the auditorium is unlikely to be found. That is an arguable position and I will be happy to be proved wrong by events. There comes a point where a judgment has to be made and that should not be in isolation from events in the community and economic reality."

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Anonymous said...

It's about time the people 'we, the public' 'pay' to be in power, made the right choice. Let's just hope you, Rose, don't fall ill and now make the wrong one.

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