Friday, 26 June 2009

South Sub buffs & local residents only

A few days ago this newsblog reported on major improvement works to the South Sub falling short of passenger services. Here are details of the improvements and their timing. Babcock Rail are doing the work in July and August. This will remove and replace life-expired insulated block joints. These split the track into different electrical sections to allow the automatic detection/location of trains on the track and control the associated lineside signalling.

The physical work involves cutting and removing sections of rail, and welding new sections in place using grinding machinery, welders and temporary lighting. The work will be confined to between 11:55pm and 9:00am on Saturday/Sundays. For the information of local residents, the work will take place as follows
  • 4/5th, 11/12th and 18/19th July: Charterhall Road, Charterhall Grove, Mortonhall Road, Trotter Haugh, Glenisla Gardens and Blackford Avenue
  • 11/12th, 18/19th and 25/26th July: W Savile Ter, Blackford Bank, Relugas Road, W Savile Gardens and W Powburn
  • 18/19th, 25/26th July: Crawfurd Road, E Suffolk Road and Cameron March
  • 25/26th July, 1/2 August: Cameron Toll Gardens

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