Thursday, 18 June 2009

Viewing your representatives expenses

Today has seen the heavily censored publication of MPs expenses. Below are links to where you can see the expenses claimed by your local Member of Parliament for Edinburgh South.

But first an update on expense claims by your local councillors. You can find the summaries of claims for 2008/9 here along with summaries for the previous two years. You can find other recent newsblog posts on councillors' expenses here and here. At its May meeting Edinburgh council responded to my ongoing pressure and agreed to post online itemised records of each claim by every councillor in 2008/9 and thereafter in the future on an ongoing basis. This newsblog will provide a link to this detailed information as soon as it is published. Publication is expected within weeks.

Now here are the links to details of the expenses claims by the local Edinburgh South Westminster MP Nigel Griffiths:
2004/05 Expenses and staff
2004/05 Additional costs
2005/06 Expenses and staff
2005/06 Additional costs
2006/07 Expenses and staff
2006/07 Additional costs
2007/08 Expenses and staff
2007/08 Additional costs
Additionally, here is the communications allowance claimed for 2007/08.

Note that the 2008/09 claims have not been published.

It should also be noted that the Green Book and other rules in force are also available here.

Expenses claims for Gavin Strang (Edinburgh East) which covers the Southside and Prestonfield parts of the Southside & Newington council ward, can be found here.

Expense claims for local MSPs Mike Pringle (Edinburgh South) and Kenny MacAskill (Edinburgh East and Musselburgh) can be found here.


Anonymous said...

Re Griffiths' expenses, have a closer look at the invoices. The devil's in the detail.

CR said...

Thanks anonymous. The paperwork is voluminous - and I have a day job to hold down. Where are you seeing the big issues?

Anonymous said...

CR said...

Thnx. I'm aware of the family connection and political deliveries.

Anonymous said...

Not sure of the rules but can't imagine it's exactly kosher!

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