Monday, 27 July 2009

Controlled parking changes

Tomorrow the Transport committee is considering long delayed proposals to change the boundaries of Zones 7 and 8. A link to the report was included in the previous post.

The changes proposed are reproduced here:

  1. Relocate the boundary between zones 7 and 8 to the east of Livingstone Place bringing in Fingal Place, Sylvan Place, Rillbank Crescent, Rillbank Terrace, Livingstone Place and the western sections of both Sciennes Road and Melville Terrace into zone 8.
  2. Amend the boundary between zones S1, 7 and 8 such that the northern end of Tantallon Place and Chalmers Crescent, and the entire length of Hatton Place are also brought into zone 8.
  3. Reallocate approx 75% of the current allocation of pay and display parking within the revised areas of both zones 7 and 8 as 'shared use' with a four hour maximum stay.
  4. Further reallocate all of the current pay and display provision on Sciennes Road as 'shared use', with a mixture of 4 hour and 9 hour (i.e. all day) maximum stay to cater for visitors to the RHSC.
  5. Reallocate approximately25% of the available permit holder only parking in Zones 7 and 8 as 'shared use' with a maximum stay of 4 hours.
  6. Relocate the zone S1/zone 7 boundary such that the eastern end of Dick Place and the entire length of Seton Place are within zone 7.

The legal changes required to implement these changes mean they will not be in place at least until mid 2010. If the committee pass these proposals tomorrow there is still a formal consultation and opportunity to make comment.

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