Thursday, 2 July 2009

Fly posting measures meet with success

I always tear down illegal posters on street furniture. I then forward samples to our environmental wardens requesting action. The flyposting situation is far from good but has improved significantly in the past few years. There are several reasons.
  1. A group of club venues has cooperated with the council and come to an arrangement where gigs and events who flypost have the venue withdrawn. The scheme is called Unight and has been very successful in reducing unwanted posters in our area.
  2. The main remaining offenders are organisers of events where in support of far left political causes. Just over a year ago I wrote to Colin Fox (Scottish Socialist Party) who was involved organising the May Day rally after a few posters appeared on a bus stop in the Meadows. I received a positive reply and there were certainly hardly any posters pasted on street furniture. I am happy to salute Colin for ensuring that such posters (long a characteristic of May Day rallies) were not in evidence this year either.
  3. There are several people in the area who rip down illegal posters whenever they see them.
  4. There are now some official sites for posters in the central and George Square areas.
  5. Environmental services now follow up illegal posters with a view to warnings and prosecutions - contacting any premises mentioned therein.

The Forest Cafe at 3 Bristo Place is a regular host of events broadly referred to in category 2 above. After a particularly virulent strain of poster spreading throughout the Southside area in the last week they have again been approached. We shall see if they can respond as positively at Colin Fox did a year ago.

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