Wednesday, 22 July 2009

New proposals for parking in Sciennes

A report is coming to the Transport Committee in Tuesday 28th July on proposals to ease the pressures created in 2006 by the introduction of the S1 zone. These considerations affect residents and others using parking spaces in zones 7, 8 and S1. The report is published here.


Richard said...

'Looks like the East end of Grange Loan and the bottom of Findhorn Place are to be penned back into the corner of Zone 7. Potential shared use bays are few between there and the new proposals in Dick Place, etc ref 5.2f( if they go through).
The document acknowledges there is a particular problem ref.5.1 and then applies the blanket solution.
The natural boundary for this corner of S1 & Z7 is Causewayside/Ratcliff Terrace'

This is what I wrote when the proposals first came out and my fears seem to have been justified.
We are to get the one size fits all solution. Great

CR said...


Thanks for your comments. Seems a sensible solution. If this goes through at this stage we get another chance at public consultation to influence it.

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