Thursday, 9 July 2009

Putting the attendance record straight

I have a reputation as a good attender at committees. Someone asked me again this week about an Evening News article which purported to give a list of good and poor attenders at committee meetings of Edinburgh Council. My friend had noted that I appeared near the bottom of the list among other 'poor attenders'.

As there will be others who read the original article the opportunity is taken again to put the record straight.

First the article was inaccurate; for example, the number of planning committee meetings I had attended in the last two years was under counted by 11.

Second the article was more than a little misleading. The councillor placed at the top of the list had the exemplary record of attending 70 meetings. I attended more than twice that number in the same period - a reflection of my taking on more committees than the 'top' councillor!

My rebuttal was published here and the original article can be found here.

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