Monday, 6 July 2009

Refuse collection update

The 'work to rule' by refuse staff is affecting the city. The current situation derives from new conditions of employment which are being introduced to conform with equal pay legislation. Effectively it means staff are refusing to work overtime - the loss of overtime is a reason why some of the refuse workers fear their earnings will reduce (though the whole situation is more complex than this).

Arrangements residents and traders can make to dispose of waste by way of supplement to normal collections can be found in last week's post on the subject. In addition, arrangements have been made for traders to take their waste to Seafield and Sighthill recycling centres free of charge. Here is a map of the four recycling depots in Edinburgh.

Southside & Newington ward is already undergoing a pilot of new working arrangements. This involves no collections on a Monday - confining refuse workers' core working days to Tuesday to Friday. This seems to have been working satisfactorily from a customer perspective.


Anonymous said...

Cameron, appreciate the updates. The situation on the ground in terms of the main roads (Bridges -> Nicolson Street -> South Clerk Street) can only be put as being a pigsty.

When out with my two young boys today, I lost count of the number of rubbish bags I had to manoeuvre past.

I appreciate this is difficult for the council, but the situation isn't something I'd find acceptable for much longer. We certainly don't want the city becoming a breeding ground for vermin!

CR said...

Monday was a public holiday for the refuse workers and there has been a significant clean up since.

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