Monday, 13 July 2009

Southsider dies at 107

Nellie Gembles, born in Causewayside on 30th January in 1902, passed away at the weekend.

Christened in Grange Church (later Newington St Leonards) she attended there regularly and went to Causewayside Primary School. Her grandma stayed in Forbes Street and Nellie spent much of her early years there - often earning pocket money for cleaning jobs.

Aged 12 when the World War 1 broke out, she left school at 14 working in an accessories shop in Lutton Place. In 1929 she married fellow Southsider Howard in Pleasance Church and moved to a house in St Leonards Street.

Her husband died in 1992 and she has resided recently in the Cameron Park Nursing Home in Peffermill Road where she has been visited on recently birthdays by the Lord Provost.

Family and her many friends admired her remarkable clarity of mind right to the and her positive and caring nature. It was a delight to discuss current events as well as memories stretching back to the beginning of the last century with her.

She was an active member of Kirk O Field Church in the Pleasance. Funeral details will be announced in due course.

More information on the remarkable life of Nellie Gembles can be found in this previous post and by following the links there.

For the record: Last month a lady thought to be Scotland's oldest person died at the age of 108. It will be interesting to know if Nellie held that title for the intervening period. Please add a comment if you have any information which clarifies this point.

Later note: It has been suggested that Annie Turnbull, just short of 111 years old is Edinburgh's oldest resident. See here for her 110th birthday celebrations last year and more details.


Andrew said...

Annie Turnbull is the oldest person in Scotland, born 21 September 1898. Next is Mary McDonald born 29 December 1899, and then Bob Taggart born 28 June 1900. Nellie was likely the 6th oldest person in Scotland. Do you know if she died on the Saturday or the Sunday? (as the article only says she died at the weekend)

CR said...

Thanks. I', pretty sure it was the Saturday. I know someone who was speaking to her by phone on the Friday - and learned later on the Saturday she had died.

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