Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Further refuse update

Here is the latest briefing from the Council administration on Wednesday 12th August 1800hrs:

"The Council has now received official notification from Unite that employees who were balloted intend to take industrial action in the form of an official overtime ban and work-to-rule from Monday 17 August. This changes little, operationally, as these staff have not been working normally throughout the dispute.

Contingency plans will remain in place as long as necessary to provide a reasonable level of service.

There will be further talks tomorrow and the negotiating team remain hopeful of a solution.

Service update: We are now in the 7th week of this dispute. Most people will see that we have returned to normal service because we have deployed private contractors.
Street cleansing:
The heart of the city centre is being dealt with by a private contractor, who is providing a range of street cleaning services both during the day and night. This is being supplemented by litter pickers in the Fringe event arena immediately outside the City Chambers, who are sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland. The rest of the city centre neighbourhood is being covered by Council street cleaning staff. This also includes a night time service.
Domestic waste wheelie bin weekly collections:
Staff who usually work on trade waste collection and recycling have been redeployed to domestic waste collection. Supplemented by a private contractor, the domestic waste collection service is now operating very close to normal.
Communal on-street bins (collected 2-3 times a week):
Normal service has been resumed, with a private contractor to deal with any hotspots.
Garden waste fortnightly service:
We are operating a limited service for garden waste as we have prioritised domestic waste collections. However, we should see improvements in scheduled collections over the next 3 weeks.
Trade waste:
We have contracted an external company to collect our customers' trade waste. Most customers have seen a return to normal service.
Plastics and packaging banks:
The Packaging Bank recycling service is now fully operational with no service delays. This service is being delivered by the Council's recycling partner and no further delays or disruptions are expected.
Community Recycling Centres: All centres are operating normally.
Kerbside red and blue box collection service:
Unaffected, as this service is operated by our external recycling partner."
End of briefing from Council administration.

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