Friday, 21 August 2009

Meadows Update: manifesto agreed

At the meeting of the full Council yesterday a manifesto governing the use and maintenance of the Meadows was agreed.

The focus of debate was on the maximum duration of events and the manifesto was amended to reduce the proposed maximum period of events from six to four weeks. (I supported the four weeks).

However, the manifesto contains a number of other restrictions (e.g. on rest periods for the grass of areas used) and can be found here (though you will need to scroll down to page 6 for the manifesto).

The manifesto approved is based on principles. There must remain concerns, especially about the management procedure. The last two years has been something of a festival of meetings, frustration and lack of clarity. There appears to be a proposal coming forward that a management group should be set up to manage the Meadows. It would consist of representatives from a range of local and other bodies.

This is a recipe for further inefficiency and frustration and is not the way forward. The Parks Manager should have responsibility for running the park. An advisory reference group might be helpful and the annual review (included in the Principles) is sensible. Clear lines of responsibility must be established.

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