Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Refuse uplift

I am told that refuse uplifts are almost back to normal. That is certainly my own experience. Please report any pockets of difficulty by posting a comment below as there now seem to be resources to deal with them.

The dispute is entering a new phase with the work to rule becoming official. In reality the refuse workers will continue to refuse to work overtime and the city will continue its dependence on contractors who have been bought in for the festival period. I am receiving increasing accounts of working practices which have for long been indefensible. One such is finishing shift after the stated round has been completed - even although that may be several hours before for which the worker is paid.

The best way to deal with these Spanish practises and get a more efficient service if for the council to contract the services out. Now is the time to do so and this Conservative motion (see item 10.3) calls for the Council, at its meeting on Thursday, to do so now.

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