Friday, 18 September 2009

Community Council Nominations

Here are the results of the election process for the local community councils. Each of the three community councils will have their meeting to elect the new committee in October or early November. As nominations did not exceed the maximum allowed on each community council, there will be no elections.

Southside: 10 persons nominated (minimum 6, maximum 12)
Grange/Prestonfield: 12 (minimum 8, maximum 16)
Marchmont/Sciennes: 12 (minimum 7, maximum 14)

Note: Thank you to the Secretary of Southside CC who has pointed out that I transposed the Grange/Prestonfield figures with the Southside ones. The corrected figures are now shown.


Colin Christison said...

I don't know about the others, but Southside can have 12 'elected' members, and 6 members from nominated groups, as well as the ability to co-opt up to 4 members at a time. This time, there are 10 people who put themselves forward for election, so they are therefore deemed 'elected', and 6 reps from groups.

CR said...

I transposed some of the figures. Corrected now.

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