Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Gully cleaning

Cleaning out of the gullys is due to take place between now and Thursday (15th Oct) in the following streets: Parkside Street Queens Crescent, Clearburn Gardens, Hermits Croft, Burgess Terrace Prestonfield Crescent, Terrars Croft, McLaren Road, Prestonfield Gardens, West Newington Place, Ventnor Place, Sciennes Road, Blackwood Crescent, Ventnor Terrace, Tantallon Place, Salisbury Road, Cobden Road, Richmond Place, Priestfield Road, Cobden Crescent, Dumbiedykes Road, Priestfield Road North, Bright’s Crescent, Holyrood Court, Marchhall Road, Mentone Terrace, Marchhall Place, Mentone Gardens, Marchhall Crescent, Glenorchy Terrace, Kilmaurs Road, Moston Terrace, Kilmaurs Terrace, Peel Terrace, Savile Terrace, Cameron Park, Cameron House Avenue

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