Tuesday, 24 November 2009

West Savile traffic lights to be installed

The Transport Committee today confirmed that traffic lights will be installed at the junction of Mayfield Road and West Savile Terrace. The work is likely to be carried out before the end of March 2010. Previous posts can be accessed from here.

In addition parking charges are to be reduced at 42 9 hour bays in the Grange. It will cost £2 to park for the full day. Details of the proposal can be found in this post.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Cllr Rose,
I comment on this as part of a small business based in Ratcliffe Terrace, accepting that the lights will be installed could you please make every effort to ensure the design is such that cyclists cannot choose to ignore the red lights without making a real effort to undertake self harm !
Based upon our experience of driving and walking around the area at all times of the day and night, the prospect of lawfully obeying a green light when entering Mayfield Road to turn right or left will sadly result in many near misses and the odd direct hit. The current disdain which many (not all) cyclists treat all the traffic lights on the Kings Building to George Square corridor does not inspire much confidence in the future safety data of the junction. I take no pleasure in predicting a campaign to re-engineer the junction within months due to a variety of incidents involving cyclist and car or pedestrian.

In all seriousness could you seek the views of the experts on this and share their response which I trust will offer some comfort. I trust the police will be busy telling councillors to wear a helmet in the meantime !
Kenneth Harvey

ps The blog is much appreciated.

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