Wednesday, 2 December 2009

150 at Newington parking meeting

Around 150 people crammed into the main hall at the Royal Blind School in Craigmillar Park last night to consider the latest proposals to alleviate the parking pressures in the area.

Amongst many suggestions and comments there were three themes which came through loud and clear in a heated encounter as local residents put their views.

  1. The artificial boundaries and pressures created by the introduction of the S1 controlled parking zone 3 years ago must be rolled back to make better use of the roadspace currently largely unused. The measures to allow cheaper parking within S1 are too little, too late.
  2. The Council should actively investigate and pursue some form of permit system for local residents in the most affected areas, possibly linked to the current proposals.
  3. Measures which would reduce long stay parking of non residents were considered to be essential.
There were many more points made, especially recognising the futility of simply pushing the parking pressures from one area further out to a new area.

Responses to this informal consultation should be communicated to and it will be helpful if you can copy them to myself. Responses will be accepted up to the end of the first week in January.

Amended 040417 to link to Royal Blind

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