Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Roads Maintenance

A lot of roads and pavements in the area are still subject to very slippy hard packed snow and ice. For your information, with more sleet and snow forecast, the council gives priority to Category 1 roads and pavements, that is principal roads, major bus routes, access roads to hospitals, ambulance depots and fire stations. Then other main roads are treated and now, in the last day or two, other roads and residential areas are now being treated.

I understand a full complement of vehicles have been allocated today to refill salt-bins for “self-help” purposes to grit residential footpaths.

A number of you have had difficulty getting through to Clarence in the last few days. Certainly it has been busy - though there has been a full complement of staff on the phones. I understand there may have been a call management glitch which caused some calls not to get through. I trust it has been sorted. You can email issues to them as well as phone. See details here and here.

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