Thursday, 28 January 2010

Does the Flat Earth Society exist?

Today was the monthly meeting of the full council. And the Council Leader suggested I might well be a member of the Flat Earth Society, if it exists !

Every month the Council Leader provides a report on events in the last month, which is the opportunity for any of the other 57 councillors to ask questions of the coalition leader Jenny Dawe.

An increasing amount of public policy (and legislation) is influenced by the the current assumptions on global warming. In Edinburgh, building standards, the issue of parking permits, waste collection and disposal, and much, much more are heavily influenced by assumptions of global warming.

So, my question to the Leader was that, given so much of public policy rested on assumptions of global warming, and given new information coming into the public domain in the last few months had cast doubt on some of the very foundational assumptions which have come to drive public policy, in the ensuing confusion, would she ensure she was well supplied with balanced advice on the developing issues?

Her response included the suggestion about me with which this post begins. Rather more graciously, she then agreed to accept my gift of a book which is a recently published damning indictment of one portion of the 'science' which has been so influential in directing public policy, namely the 'hockey stick'.

The range of rather startling assertions which have come to light from a variety of sources in recent weeks combine to call into  questionsome of the key climate change assumptions on which a significant number of our public policies have been constructed.

You can find the book which I am reading at the link above, or on the part of the sidebar entitled 'Books worth reading'. The information it contains needs to be carefully considered rather than dismissed on the basis of preconceptions.


Mike said...

Well it would seem to me from that post that you are a full member.

Is that the only book you've read on climate change? *disclaimer* I've read a lot of them, but not that one.

Cameron Rose said...

Absolutely not. From George Monbiot to Nigel Lawson. But the up to date information is not always in the books. Do have a read. THSI is written from a particular perspective but the information seems to be of considerable significance to the wider issue. If you have not done so suggest you check out the blogs on both sides to get a flavour of the debate.

Mike said...

fair enough... I'm already reading a fair number of blogs but I shall get the book and have a read.

Colin Christison said...

You were right to ask the Council Leader if is she is well supplied with balanced advice about climate change. Her somewhat insulting reply is typical of those in charge of public purses who dislike their views challenged. What is worse nowadays is the tendency to brand anyone who dares to voice a sceptical comment as 'climate change deniers' which brackets them with holocaust deniers and suchlike. Money is being wasted all over the place but if it is supposedly to help the climate no one dares question it.

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