Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Gritting requests

A number of you have contacted me with requests for gritting in a particular area. So here is some information and contact details about what to do if you have a problem which is causing particular difficulty.

First, if you have a concern about roads/icy patches you can report them to Clarence on 0800 232323 or e-mail clarence@edinburgh/gov.uk .

Next the salt bins. There are 1,600 salt bins around Edinburgh and residents are encouraged to use them where possible. If you are lucky enough to have one near you, contact Clarence for a refill - but you might need to be patient!

Gritting priorities: The gritters and mini tractors work their way through the categories from one to three but if snow starts to fall again (as has been wont to happen during the last 19 days), then they revert back to category one routes to ensure they are cleared. This means that some category three routes might not get seen to for some time.

  • Category 1: the council gives priority to Category 1 roads and pavements, that is principal roads, major bus routes, access roads to hospitals, ambulance depots and fire stations.
  • Category 2: Other main routes and bus routes
  • Category 3: Residential streets and pavements

For more information, including the number of gritters operated, see here. For your information there are of 1,365 kilometres of roads and some 2,700 kilometres of pavements within the city boundaries.

The council issues occasional updates on its website here or on its blog here.

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Anonymous said...

I live on a category 1 road - access to Sick Kids A & E - and have only seen a gritter once on New Year's Day. Appalling.

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