Friday, 15 January 2010

Haiti relief and appeal

Local involvement:

  • Mercy Corps, who have their European headquarters in Sciennes are active in sending resources and relief. For example, details here and here.
  • Edinburgh Council established the Emergency Disasters Response Committee in 2009 designed to co-ordinate support from Edinburgh and provide a channel for people to respond to a major disaster elsewhere in the world. This is the first major incident in which it has been called into action. You can donate here.
  • The British Geological Survey in West Mains Road was central in monitoring the 7.0 magnitude earthquake and local resident Roger Musson is quoted as saying, 'The situation in Haiti is similar to the San Andreas Fault in California in that two plates are sliding past one another. The fault in this case is called the Enriquillo-Plantain Garden fault. This fault has been locked for the last 250 years gradually accumulating stress which has now been released in a single large earthquake.' Here is one of many press reports which highlight local monitoring of the quake.

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