Saturday, 20 February 2010

March has heavy police presence

Around 1500 people marched past the mosque in Potterrow this afternoon protesting against the threatened presence of the 'Scottish Defence League'(SDL). There was no sign of the SDL (though note this account of a skirmish earlier in the day).

However the 'official' Unite Against Racism march did itself contain a number of extremists who were intent on breaking away and staging a confrontation. The huge police presence seems to have prevented that during and at the end of the march - which gathered in Princes Street Gardens and concluded in the Meadows.

The Edinburgh Antifacist League was one of a number of groups which had the declared intent of staging a confrontation. They and a number of other left wing groups made extremely uncomfortable company for those citizens (and some politicians) who simply wanted to demonstrate against the unpleasant SDL organisation.

In general, the good people of Edinburgh kept well away. Earlier posts here and here. The Police press release is here, estimating the numbers a bit higher than I did.

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