Monday, 15 February 2010

A plague on both their houses (again)

I abhor the actions and views that have been expressed by the Scottish Defence League. The recent posts (here and here) expressing concern about the counter demonstration have led to a response from a representative of the Unite against Facism group in the form of a letter to the Edinburgh Evening News.

Luke Henderson writes of me: ". . .For him to suggest that UAF posters had a "polarising influence" is amusing as I fail to see how any decent person could not be polarised by a group who shout racist slogans and whose members did "Sieg Heil" salutes at their previous protest in Glasgow. It is more disturbing for him to suggest that there should be no protest against the SDL. . . "

Leaving aside the matter that I did not say what I am alleged to have said and that the United against Facism march has been approved and a route agreed, let me draw attention to information on one of the anti-facist websites.

"Once our scouts have determined the location of the “Scottish” Defence League, we will march to their location to prevent them from spreading bigotry and divisive hatred through the streets of Edinburgh, by blocking their path."

I repeat, any illegal march or demonstration is a matter for the police. The comments above are part of the problem. A plague on both their houses.

It might be of assistance to Luke to know that I have not called for the counter demonstration to be banned. I believe in free speech within the law. But that does not mean it is wise.

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