Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Sick Kids: The Future

This evening Marchmont and Sciennes Community Counicl hosted a visit from Colin Briggs, Service Manager with Lothian Health on the future of the Sick Kids. Here are some bullet points from his talk and the discussion.
  • The Sick Kids will be celebrating of 150 years of existence next Monday. (Not all of that has been on the current site.)
  • It is a 150 acute bed hospital taking children up to approximately 14 years old
  • There are 1200-1500 staff
  • It has 40,000 Accident and Emergency admissions each year (compared to the Royal Infirmary which has 120,000). It admits 7,000 patients every year.
  • It is scheduled to move to Little France in early 2013. The new hospital is to cost £150m. This will be part funded by the sale of the current site.
  • It is likely current houses in Millerfield Place (west side), Rillbank and the frontages onto the Meadows will be returned to private housing. There are various options for the remaining ground and the main building though housing is considered to be a prominent option.
  • The main building is listed and this will constrain the use to which it is put.

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