Monday, 1 March 2010

Local Professor in 'false' CV muddle

Channel 4 reported at the weekend on claims that Professor Boulton, an Edinburgh University member of the Independent Climate Change Email Review had a CV in 2007 which indicated links to the IPCC, directly counter to the claims of the Review Chairman.

Professor Boulton has sent Channel 4 his 2007 CV without the IPCC reference and stating that there is a 'purported' version in circulation. Some analysts note the original 2007 version did have the IPCC reference and suggest the version sent to Channel 4 was from July 2008. There is some evidence the 2007 version may have been altered by Edinburgh University staff at their China office to burnish his climate change credentials during a visit there.

A muddle!

The significance is that the Review panel has claimed to be completely independent. Professor Boulton and the Review are under some pressure for downplaying his previous employment at the University of East Anglia and his work as an advocate of urgent action on climate change, undermining claims of his independence.

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