Monday, 22 March 2010

Pleasance Number Shop under threat

The Number Shop is under threat. The problem is that a move to save money within the Community Learning and Development section of Edinburgh Council is proposing saving money by closing the premises at the top of the Pleasance and distributing the service to various places (hubs) around the city.

Except the council saves just £11,000 per year on the lease for the premises and the alternatives - not yet worked up - seem likely to be more expensive to run.

More details here, including an interview with Blackford resident Nicki Slater.

Join the Friends of the Number Shop on Facebook here.


paul said...

gGood cause worthy off some support is there much you can do at council level cameron

paul said...

That will be a no then,not much you can do i take it.

paul said...

Nothing like having the support of your local cllr.

paul said...

Cameron is there anything you can do to help save the numbers shop from closure?

paul said...

ignorance is not a good quality in a local councillor, i take from your silence your not really interesrted, one vote lost for you and more i hope.

paul said... anyone intersted in suppoting the number shop should write to councillor rose to ask what effort he has contributed to save from closure

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