Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Bristo robbery culprit pleads guilty

Nicholas Wynne, currently of Saughton Prison has admitted the robbery in Bristo Square on 7th January (reported here and here). The heroin addict's appearance in court today is reported here.

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Anonymous said...

As a relative of Mr wynne,I do not condone any acts of violence that he does or acts of robbery,but I wish to point out the true facts of the matter that leads to the unfortunate events which happened.
Mr wynne does not have any drug problem,he was lead to believe if he said he had he would get a softer sentence,also he suffers from ADHD which in his case does not let him know from right or wrong,which lets him commit such stupid acts of petty crime.Putting him away in a institute for criminals is not in his best interests but the courts only see a criminal not a youth who has a condition which he cannot control.
I am sorry for his victims and I am let down by the system who cannot come up with any other punishment other than a prison sentence.

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