Saturday, 8 May 2010

Pavement artist enhances Meadows

Can you help me solve a mystery?

A rather attractive Celtic weave type design, incorporating the four compass points, has been laid out in paint and chalks at the junction of Middle Meadow Walk and North Meadow Walk. I am not aware of any authorisation or plans for this decoration - but it is, at least to me, rather attractive.

If you know anything of the story behind it I would be pleased to hear from you. Here is what I understand to date:

  • Similar designs have appeared in other places (Princes Street, Warrender Park Road etc) in recent days.
  • Word is that the artist is a Canadian who had flight problems (volcano!) and chose to spend his enforced time in Edinburgh doing a bit of work!

Do you like it?


Miss Edinburgh said...

It's an artist called Victor Fraser and he will be doing a huge piece in Leith - this is a practice piece. He lives in Edinburgh.

Cameron Rose said...

Thanks Miss Edinburgh. Anyone else know any more?

Mike said...

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